Mobile Robots 3D

Technology that optimizes your Distribution Center’s supply chain and intralogistics processes. Mainly developed for the eCommerce, Retail and Manufacturing industries as well as logistics operators.

It offers productivity equivalent to the best automated traditional order consolidation systems, being customizable, scalable and agile at all times.

The possibility of scaling the installation by taking storage and flows needs separately, is what makes the difference. Adapting the investment phases of the project to the real growth of the activity in a unique way in the market. Its implementation is very fast due to its standardization, which allows you to save up to one year of rent during the installation phase.

The WCS (Warehouse Control System) that controls the fleet of 3D mobile robots, uses the best of modeling and calculation systems to meet its objective: prepare orders as quickly as possible with the minimum of resources.

Ergonomic workstations designed to reduce the harshness of the operator's work.

Good to Person Solution
This solution prevents operators from traveling long distances, reducing fatigue and reducing the risks associated with pedestrians in the warehouse, improving the overall productivity of the distribution center.

The Good to Person concept ensures productivity and ergonomics. It enables last-minute prioritization of orders and therefore unmatched responsiveness: the next order to be prepared will always be the most urgent. Thanks to its principle of working in massive parallel mobile fleet, the system does not present bottlenecks or critical points and allows to operate 24/7 as well as to perform maintenance during production.

Expansion of racks or robots is done without interruption or disruption of production. It does not require any kind of wave of orders or combination of order lines to reduce movements, thus adapting to variations in order structure without an impact on productivity.

The system is adapted to the requirements, managing to increase or decrease productivity according to peak seasons or current and future commercial needs. The solution is customizable according to the needs of each client, guaranteeing optimal productivity at all times.

Environmental impact It has an integrated energy recovery system, offering an energy footprint of less than 80% compared to other automated solutions.

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