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Our Company

G.I.Eicom* is an intralogistics engineering company with more than 38 years serving the Mexican, southern United States and Central & South America markets. We are the leading company in the creation and implementation of turnkey solutions to systematize and automate products’ flows. We have hundreds of success stories in which, the most advanced technologies available on the market have been used.

G.I.Eicom* is aware that the systematization and automation of products’ flows is a key issue that requires multidisciplinary technological support and specialized services; Therefore, it has a team with extensive experience and solid knowledge that will help you get benefits such as higher productivity, lower cost of operation and the assurance of permanent high-performance operation

You will get a turn-key system that, among other important elements, includes:



Suitable technologies

Systems’ integration

Project execution

24/7 local assistance



Our Philosophy

At G.I.Eicom* we are technology specialists and we will help you create and implement innovative state-of-the-art solutions that will bring growth and certainty to your business. Our objective is to combine inspiration, art, innovation, passion and technology, hoping to influence the creative minds that change the world through their decisions and actions.

Our History


Years of steep economic changes in Mexico; we started operations focused on engineering applied to material handling. As a specialized solver in highly complex projects, we managed to successfully compete in a market that was slowly changing towards an open economy.


Entering this period with great dynamism, we performed the largest projects executed in the country and we envision a future of stable leadership. However, in the mid-90’s, the scenario abruptly changed. The country faced a financial meltdown, the tariff barriers are removed and there is also a political breakdown, leaving us in a complicated and uncertain status, but with faith in our values and strengths. Despite all this, we achieved important developments in the logistics area.


Responding to sociopolitical issues and the open economy, which implied greater competition, and overall a very different market after NAFTA, we see the importance of specializing in a more holistic way towards intralogistics areas. We expand our portfolio of products, solutions and their technological content.


The contributions generated in the previous period are gradually being adopted by the market, which has growth a lot and requires more complex, autonomous and intelligent solutions; which implies providing more and more “intelligence” to the different implemented solutions. Likewise, we expanded our horizons and our innovative solutions are now in other countries in Central America and southern United States.


In our continuous evolution and always focused on innovating at the technological level, we continue to establish strategic alliances with leading companies within the industry, being pioneers in the implementation of many technologies that today continue to give competitiveness and productivity to our clients. We emphasize the importance of specialized systems, generating remote and face-to-face technological options to assist our clients 24/7.


We introduce simulation technologies to support our solutions’ development and other new technologies that allow real-time interactions between various subsystems or between clients and GIEICOM. Being aware of the impact of new technologies that would change the world, we began to develop solutions towards the technological future, including the one that was envisioned as a change for both customers and end consumers: e-commerce.

2015 - 2020

Virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, big data, collaborative robotization, information robotization, the Internet of Things (IoT) combine to form unique ecosystems. GIEICOM develops increasingly interactive, intelligent, productive and competitive solutions through many different tools of the current technological revolution. With these solutions, our clients can operate in any scenario, even in those with “pandemic” risk environments.

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