When a project is key in the development of a strategy or as a critical part of an organization, it is essential to reduce risks to the minimum. Therefore, it is important to consider the simulations of the systems to be implemented in order to ensure that the optimizations or new operations will provide the expected benefits.

Simulations allow you to solve strategic problems and predict behaviors in logistics operations.

Simulation is a little used tool, since it is often confused with commercial animations where everything works well. A simulation is a dynamic, visual project that works as if the operation was taking place; the system makes calculations in real time, that is, at each moment and correlates with all the variables of interest to show their behavior as it will occur in practice.

The simulation is relatively expensive and time consuming, because it is not an animation, it implies knowing in depth the operation of the logistics and engineering program itself; however, it is worth it because it allows to correct fatal errors at the operational level, in a computer.

G.I.Eicom*, has the most sophisticated simulation tools, as well as the expertise, developing complex simulations that have helped optimize solutions of high strategic significance for our clients.

G.I.Eicom* will be happy to develop simulations that avoid costly mistakes and help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

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