Unitload ASRS

The Unit-load AS / RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) is an automatic system that takes and delivers products within a pallet warehouse; either in process, production or assembly plants, or in its distribution centers. It is made up of precision cranes or robots that can run great distances and great heights quickly, to provide high density and high storage capacity. They also include the necessary software to manage the warehouse in real-time, which is why it is also known as an automated warehouse.

Unitload AS / RS are used when high storage capacity is a critical factor and/or when high storage density is required. They can be used virtually in most companies without restriction, including cold rooms and clean room applications.

According to the storage density required, we can use different variants such as Single deep pallet, Double deep pallet or Multi-deep pallet.

These systems manage and supply your orders automatically and, almost always, they are connected to your information systems, such as ERP or WMS, in a bidirectional way that allows you to receive orders and deliver results.

Our experienced professionals will help you select and implement your Unit-load AS / RS systems, finding the optimal way to obtain results, with comprehensive systems coordinated with your IT and guaranteeing a fast and reliable implementation.

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