Automated Storage

Automated Storage


Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS / RS) allow a high-density product delivery by maximizing the height used in reduced footprint areas.

These types of systems are available for boxes, pallets, long loads, or randomly shaped materials with a uniform base.

When required for handling plastic boxes or totes, Miniloads or Multishuttle are usually used; these can handle one or multiple boxes simultaneously according to the design requirements. However, when it is required to handle pallets or long loads, Unit-loads are the best option.

In both systems, it is essential to analyze the SKUs that are managed to determine the selectivity that their operation requires versus the storage density, as well as to determine multiple variants of these systems such as type of shuttle or extractor to be used, number of cranes required, complementary conveyor systems, among many others.

All these solutions are supported with our WCS / WES software, which will allow you to control the characteristics of your inventory according to the parameterization that is implemented, such as FIFO / LIFO, batch tracking, inventory control, among many other functions.

Said systems are widely used in all industries, such as Logistics Operations, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing; where the level of inventory required is a key factor in guaranteeing the global strategy of your industry.

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