Within the multiple processes that exist in a manufacturing and assembly plants, the kitting or consolidation of parts for certain subsets is essential to achieve efficiency or to guarantee the correct supply of components that will constitute a particular subset or the finished product.

Depending on the type of products being manufactured, assembled or in some cases disassembled, their relevance or the order in which they must be combined, kitting can be carried out with a certain type of logic or technology.

G.I.Eicom* has equipment specifically developed for these applications, which will solve your specific needs.

Sometimes the main relevance can be efficiency; in other cases, having the certainty that the assorted items are correct due to the criticality of an error or reducing errors to positively impact quality and productivity; sometimes it is key to have a sufficient volume of parts to guarantee supply, so storing a large volume in a small space is essential; it could also happen that the availability of a certain component justifies a specific storage or that the parts are of high confidentiality or value.

Whatever the reason may be, G.I.Eicom*, has the necessary technology and expertise to make your kitting processes a key piece for your company.

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