Even with excellent processes and practices within the plant, the operation can little disappointing if the palletizing is not correct or if it does not have a higher capacity than the process. Palletizing can become the last successful step of the plant or be the bottleneck that generates problems for the internal or external customer. Therefore, this process has become increasingly important and sophisticated.

Some technologies that are more recommended than other, according to the type of the products handled, the way in which these must be delivered according to the needs of the market (flows, space availability, etc.); From a conventional palletizing and depalletizing to a robotic one according to the specific needs.

The design of a good system requires knowledge and technologies as well as an excellent, experienced engineering team that can understand and develop the best solution, taking into account: concepts, areas, flows, arrangements, information and specific palletizing technologies to integrate a great functional and absolutely reliable, high capacity machine.

Within robotic palletizing, there are different types of tooling, degrees of freedom, sizes, speeds, and forms of configuration per pallet that make this method more advisable when the flexibility to assemble in different ways is a priority; in conventional palletizing, high flows can be achieved with less versatility to accommodate countless formats. In any case, at G.I.Eicom*, we take care of developing the optimal system for your plant to successfully complete its operation.

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