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Micro Fulfillment


Logistics as we know it is radically evolving due to the needs of today's consumer and the delivery promises that increasingly handle shorter times, going from days to hours, after making an online purchase.

Being able to fulfill this new sales promise in time has forced companies to seek solutions and technologies that allow to fully optimize their intralogistics processes, improving picking, order consolidation, storage density and restocking, with low operational costs.

One of the great advantages of implementing our Micro fulfillment solutions is that its implementation time is usually very short, reducing the time to launch operations to less than 1 year which helps to obtain an ROI in less time.

It offers a great flexibility advantage, allowing the system to be scaled depending on high seasons or high peaks that require greater productivity. These modifications can be made without affecting the operation and without the need to completely shut down the system as is often the case with other solutions, thus achieving compliance with commercial commitments.

The impact on the consumer is almost immediate, since these systems help to ship goods faster from locations where demand has significantly increased, benefiting consumers by delivering their orders in a timely manner, meeting the promise of sale.

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