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AGVs or automatically guided vehicles are a technology that provides the ability to carry out unit movements of various types of products that, due to their shape or the type of movement, it is not convenient to handle with conveyors. Often, but not always, they handle heavy loads on repetitive paths.

This technology was developed a few decades ago and progressed slowly; however, in recent years it has gained new momentum by virtue of advances in software and electronics that have given them more versatility and reliability.

Therefore, in addition to the traditional magnetic floor guides with limited fixed paths, now such paths are easily changeable and no such guides are required. As a consequence, applications grow to even replace conventional forklift trucks, since AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle System) perform the same functions, but without an operator.

AGVs can be applied to almost all fields of the industry where conditions don’t allow conveyors; for example: supplying specific products to process machines or receiving and delivering pallets to an automated warehouse. In this case, a great advantage is that is not a fixed obstacle and its trajectory can be changed as needed.

There are already artificial intelligence applications that allow you to "think" and decide your own trajectories regardless of the obstacles which can be changed and such changes are understood by the AGV system. This has become a subcategory called Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

They are also being used in assembly lines and in distribution given their versatility; for example, certain automotive companies use them as a basic element to assemble their parts and/or units in process at different stations until they are finished and are transferred by the same AGVs to the finished product warehouse.

Since the use of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle System) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) requires experience in their application and selection, our specialists are available to recommend the most suitable vehicle or vehicles for your needs.

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