Automatic storage

Automatic storage


Save space and maximize your storage area.

As demand increases, so does the need to have more storage space and optimize the existing one. The implementation of automated systems (AS / RS) help us to maximize our storage areas, increasing density, and allowing us to reallocate previously wasted space to other activities that will help us generate more income.

Vertical systems (AS / RS) allow the storage of individual SKUs, light goods of small to medium size or even heavier materials such as pallets or materials with special dimensions. These technologies are normally integrated with specialized software in warehouse management (WMS, WES or WCS).

The use of cutting edge technology and innovations in its design and engineering make it possible for our equipment to consume less energy compared to other similar systems, being a great ally in reducing operating costs.

Some of our automated storage systems are used with ergonomically designed picking stations to simplify the order picking process. The merchandise is presented to the operator in an optimal position, ensuring that the merchandise can be easily retrieved or stored. Within the different storage systems we offer specialized solutions for:

Item handling
Precise, simple and fast order preparation using systems that guarantee to reduce picking errors thanks to a controlled access of a single container at a time. High-density storage ideal for a wide range of items, ensuring very fast access times and pickups.

Box handling
Provides the opportunity to increase storage density and take full advantage of the space in the trays thanks to the exact fit between boxes, now it is stored optimally!, Facilitating the delivery of boxes ergonomically and safely to the operator.

Pallet handling
The flexibility and adaptability of our systems allows for the safe and extremely efficient storage and handling of any material weighing up to 5,000 kg. They are supported by cranes or loading systems, which are implemented to optimize the handling of the merchandise in a safe way for the operators and taking care of the integrity of the same.

According to the storage density and the required supply of the loads, automated systems of different depths can be selected with dual or single crane attachments.

G.I.Eicom* is the specialist with the most automatic storage systems installed in Mexico, southern USA and Central & South America. Let our engineers help you get reliability and value in these technologies. Your prestige and tranquility are our responsibility.

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