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Sort products automatically by category, type, stores, orders, or other criteria.

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Order Fulfillment

Fulfillment of orders containing items, boxes or pallets, with diverse technologies from Pick to Light to Robotic Picking.

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Products Assembly

Assembled of products such as white goods, cell phones, auto parts, vehicles, motorcycles or others that are made up of various components.

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Automatic or semi-automatic assembly of subsets that belong to larger products such as computers, cell phones, medical instruments or others.

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Material Handling

Handling of products coming from fillers or other areas, which must be collected, transported to the warehouse and, sometimes, automatically classified and palletized..

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Smart systems tailored to facilitate order fulfillment for companies with online sales.

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Automatic Storage

Save space and maximize your area with technologies that allow you to store from individual SKUs to pallets or materials with special dimensions and weights.

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Palletizing is an automated or robotic arrangement of boxes on pallets, either of the same product or multi-product.

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Reverse Logistics

Systems to process returns or parts of an order and the correct restock of such products.

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Intralogistics Engineering

Ideas, technology, equipment, optimal layout and flows to solve logistics within a plant or Distribution Center with high competitiveness and productivity..

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