Pick to Voice

The Pick to Voice is a voice-guided order fulfillment system. It is normally used in operations where boxes or items are supplied. All those companies that handle loose units with medium and high volumes or a large number of SKU’s can greatly benefit from this technology; for example, order fulfillment in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food supplements, textile products, consumer products, among others.

The extensive experience of our experts is available for you. Contact Us! At G.I.Eicom* we have different and modern types of Pick to Voice (PTV) technologies that will provide unique advantages to your company.

This technology is used by all kinds of clients; from food companies, e-commerce, convenience stores, large consumer products stores to auto parts companies have benefited from it.

The Pick to Voice (PTV) supplied by G.I.Eicom* is a world leader technology and enables unique benefits that, combined with good process development, will give you key competitive advantages.

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