Vertical Lift Conveyor

The need to bring products to different levels of height, either within the distribution center or within the production plant, has led to the development of different types of solutions, from vertical, reciprocating, continuous to spiral elevators. Their selection depends on the type of product, flow and available spaces.

For example, as the name suggests, spirals are conveyors with that shape that allow to handle high flows of products with a rigid and flat bottom, interconnecting two or more different levels. The main belt is actually a 3-way chain that allows the full length of the spiral to be reliably pulled, including the product being handled. In addition to being safe, the spirals are quiet and do not consume excessive energy. They are designed in different widths, heights, capacities and speeds according to the requirements.

The spirals can work to raise or lower high rate product flows smoothly and reliably, and they can also receive and deliver in different positions. The cost of acquiring the spirals is a little higher, but a careful analysis will show the benefit of choosing them when the space or the application are appropriate.

It is very common to see spirals in processes’ plants, such as: food, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, among others, as well as in distribution centers.

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