Vertical Carousels

Vertical carousels are equipment designed to save space, maximize assortment accuracy and productivity, as well as perform order fulfillment and inventory management automatically. Useful area savings are up to 75% and productivity increases are up to 60%.

The vertical carousels consist of a rotating arrangement of shelves with drawers that, when rotated according to the given orders, deliver the requested products to an ergonomically arranged exit window; updating such order and the remaining inventories in real-time. The equipment can take orders by manual commands even when its operation is automatic or, from an order management software with an interface to the WMS or ERP.

Whether the main need is to save space, ensure warehouse management, safeguard critical or valuable parts, ensure assortment quality, increase productivity, form subassemblies (Kitting), vertical carousels are an excellent solution for multiple needs. Depending on the size of the products and the equipment itself, it can handle tens of thousands of products.

Vertical carousels can be used in all industrial and business sectors. Some examples may include pharmaceutical, auto parts, electronics, hospital, food, assembly of all kinds of products, and much more. They can be installed in cold rooms, clean rooms, in offices and in all kinds of industrial environments.

Our specialized automatic storage department will guide you in the selection of the equipment that best meets your wishes and needs; which can also have remote support if required.

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