Pick Cart

This is picking system is design to fulfill multiple orders simultaneously; and can work along with Pick To Light and Pick to Voice technologies.

How does Pick Cart works?
It is a cart with multiple lights, which indicate the number of pieces to take from each shelf in a specific position. These alphanumeric displays indicate in which orders the products have to be placed and the quantity to be place in the cart.

This process is repeated until the orders are completed in the different zones.

It allows you to increase productivity thanks to its hybrid technology, because order assortment is made by consolidation, so it is perfect when there are a high number of SKUs to be filled in several orders.

What industries is the Pick Cart for?
Thanks to all these benefits it is ideal for eCommerce industries due to the effectiveness that processes acquire and the speed in which orders are filled.

Pick Cart Benefits
These are some of the benefits that Pick Cart offers:

Multi – Orden
The cart that this system uses allows you to fill several orders simultaneously, resulting in a productivity increase of your Distribution Center.

The Pick Cart system can be adapted to different technologies and when combined with voice and light systems, the speed and precision of the process are increased.

The precision increases considerably by having a fixed number of orders.

Fixed routes
Thanks to the software, operators can fill multiple orders on fewer routes, making their time walking through the distribution center more efficient.

Easy to use
Training processes for operators are minimized.

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