Sortation Systems


Sorters are a special type of solution that combines transportation, diversion mechanisms, controls and software that allows the classification of medium and high product flows according to different criteria as required by the customer's processes.

According to the type of products and the flows handled, there are different kinds of sorters which are selected according to the client's application; considering different characteristics such as: required rate, diversity of the product to be handled (they may be boxes, parcels, plastic totes and/or amorphous products), among others.

Each of the aforementioned variables are carefully analyzed for each application, providing multiple solutions.

It is important to emphasize that our software used in multiple applications is responsible for providing intelligence to said system, allowing parameterization according to present and future requirements. Also, its algorithms provide a balance between the output lines, sending to recirculate when overflow occurs, thus providing certainty to the operation.

Sortation solutions are widely used in a large number of industries, including: Retail, Food and beverages, Courier and parcel, Personal care, among others.

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