Customers demand has led companies to automate more and more their processes; for this reason, orders assortment within the distribution centers and picking activities are essential for continuous improvement.

Robots have been used in picking because they allow us to supply items, boxes or layers, there are different aspects in which G.I.Eicom* can support you:

Robotic Item Picking: Due to the evolution of Robots at this point, COBOTS are used in most cases, which use vision systems that, together with special tooling, allow them to pick a wide variety of products/items.

Robotic Box Picking: In this solution, robots allow us to pick boxes in fixed positions and deliver them to a system that leads them to another area where orders can be consolidated.

Robotic Layer Picking: In this case, either the product or the robot is moved, the solution is design to form multi-products pallets belonging to assortment orders.

It is important to make an assessment of the specific needs to determine the use of the optimal type of solution for each need.

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