Products Assembly

Products Assembly


Many companies belong to this sector. The assembly of electrical appliances, printers, computers, cell phones, sound equipment, medical equipment, cars, airplanes, among others, are a perfect example. They all share common problems and each one has its own specific needs.

For example, appliances companies are in absolute need of being very productive because the margins allowed by the market are tight and their production volumes are high. Cell phone companies, in addition to high volumes, need to adapt to the current whim of fashion, in addition of having specific care instructions, such as those associated with electrostatics. Companies related to aerospace industry require strict manufacturing and assembly standards, in addition to handling complex shaped parts and variable weights that can be very high. Its good standards prioritize the guarantee of high quality, but they are not unrelated to competitive processes.

Overall, they all need to organize their processes in a productive way that guarantees the quality, supply, competitiveness and profitability of the operation.

Whether the priority of your products assembly needs is precision, safety, flexibility, productivity, visibility of your components at the information level, quality or a combination of specific success criteria, G.I.Eicom* has the knowledge and supply of services and cutting-edge technologies that guarantee a successful operation in those aspects that are decisive for the permanence of your company in the contemporary competitive commercial activity.

Let us help you design and implement excellent assembly systems that strongly support your organization's corporate strategy.

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