Assortment of Orders

Order Fulfillment


For many of the companies that handle many references, fulfilling their clients' orders becomes a real headache. The complexity is increasing every day given the dynamics of the market. There are always new products, packaging, product blends, new client’s requirements, the need to rethink or add routes, among other factors.

Complying in time and precision to your final and intermediate clients, whether they are associates, sellers or distributors, in addition to making the entire operation profitable, is essential; new orders and the life of the company depend on it. Each particular need must be carefully analyzed and according to it, gather the appropriate technologies for each case.

The order fulfillment represents the highest operating cost of the distribution center, so it is essential to surround yourself with effective systems that satisfy the demands and are highly productive.

Whether your need is the assortment of items, boxes or pallets, G.I.Eicom* has many types of technologies according to each particular set of requirements.

From a small mechanized assortment line to a sophisticated order assortment system with software-controlled robots receiving and delivering information in real time; contact one of our experts to discuss your specific problems and jointly develop the most valuable tool in your distribution center.

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