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Cross Belt

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The cross belt sorter is a high-end solution for products’ classification at high speeds. A very clear advantage of this system is the ability to classify products of different sizes, weights and funds, as well as amorphous merchandise that are impossible to handle in other sortation solutions. Instead, with the cross belt, products are transported safely, without suffering any type of damage. The cross belt is a very versatile system that can be conceptualized linearly or in the form of a loop, which is a sustainable advantage and savings in space and operating costs; additionally, it has the ability to mobilize flows greater than 500 products per minute.

It is widely used e-commerce, fashion and courier/parcel solutions due to its great sortation capacity and flexibility to the changes in packaging that products may have.

The arrangement in the outlets of such equipment is one of the many advantages that it has, since they can be bidirectional or unidirectional; and the density of outlets per linear meter is the widest on the market.

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