Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems


An essential element in logistics and material handling are conveyor systems. Its basic function is to move or accumulate products when the flows are considerable. There are many types of conveyor systems and they can be configured according to the application.

The design and selection of the types of equipment that we use in your system will depend on the characteristics and behavior of the products, as well as the pathway where the conveyor system will be implemented.

Products’ characteristics: their dimensions, flow in unit per hour, type of packaging, among others.

Products’ behavior: whether these be totes, boxes or heat shrinkable, it affects the design substantially depending on the aforementioned variables, influencing the application with accumulation solutions, bands, rollers, among others.

Conveyor system pathway: according to your needs, they can be supported on the ceiling, at floor level, underground or aerial.
An example is the handling of boxes and packages where belt conveyors are frequently used on sliding bed or roller belt, among many others.
Any company that handles medium and high volumes of products is liable to use conveyor systems, either for moving only or for accumulating, assembling, organizing, distributing, lifting, or any other specific applications.

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