TowLine Conveyor

Tow Line is an underground conveyor, pulled by a robust chain that allows to tow many carts at the same time, on which the products are moved. Each car can have different dimensions and shapes according to the type of products to be moved. The Tow Line can be very long in length compared to a conventional conveyor, is typically hundreds of meters long and is ideal for moving large parts with non-uniform shapes or heavy weights.

It is necessary to take into account that a Tow Line solution requires a fixed civil work; however, it allows free passage of forklifts over it.

Its use is not only limited to translation, it can also classify carts at certain preset doors and they are also used successfully in assembly operations.

It is possible to coordinate several underground conveyors to carry out different operations or to obtain kilometers of conveyor. The continuous growth and evolution of AGVs has overtaken part of the applications that Tow Line conveyors used to performed decades ago; however, there are operations where it is the optimal solution.

The Tow Line is an almost zero maintenance, very reliable and long-life equipment. It can be used in both assembly plants and distribution centers.

G.I.Eicom* has decades of experience in the design and implementation of Tow Line with turnkey solutions that guarantee hassle-free and no-maintenance years.

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