Plants and distribution centers must classify products according to different criteria. Depending on the type of criteria, type of inherent information, type of product, size and flow; the type of technology and solution that adds the most advantages within the framework of maximum precision and information tracking is determined for classifying hundreds of products per minute, from low to high performance flows.

This operation can produce millions of dollars a year, depending on the optimal technology application for each case. Guaranteeing the sortation of high flows of products is a job for experienced specialists who can ensure the investment plus the substantial collateral profits which sometimes are much greater, such as the customer or market satisfaction as a result of the selection and/or running of this system.

Multiple industries use this type of systems due to their competitive advantages; for example: Courier and Parcel, Food and Beverages, Retail, Logistics operations, among others.

G.I.Eicom* is the specialist with the most sortation systems installed, the largest and the most complex. Let our engineers help you get reliability and value when it comes to sorting systems. Your prestige and tranquility are our responsibility.

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