Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels are high-density, high-productivity order assortment storage equipment that brings products closer to the person by receiving orders from a central system coordinated with order fulfillment software. This system contains the product to be supplied in an ergonomically designed shelf; the racks stop in front of the operator so that he can take the products indicated by the system.

They are usually set in different types of arrangements along with conveyors and racks so that productivity is maximized. A system working along with the order fulfillment software, such as the WMS or the ERP, indicates the operator, through “Pick to Light” illuminated displays, the number of items to be filled and automatically updates the inventories.

Horizontal carousels are ideal for carrying out assortment, order consolidation and temporary storage operations with high efficiency, precision and visibility, handling all types of products.

Any type of industry that requires the supply of hundreds of SKUs in a productive and efficient way can benefit from the advantages of horizontal carousels.

Many companies in different industries, such as, consumer goods, stores, food, sports equipment, electronics, pharmaceuticals, among others, have successfully implemented horizontal carousels.

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