Due to multiple factors such as the democratization of the internet, flexibility in terms of payment methods, ease of access to credit, among others; electronic commerce or E-commerce became a practical and very convenient method to acquire an unimaginable diversity of products with widely divergent characteristics, coming from different places no matter how distant they may be; all this with surprising delivery times.

This becomes a real headache for distribution centers responsible for meeting the most demanding and varied consumer requests. This is how we migrated from the classic Distribution Centers to the Omnichannel, concept, which typically has the ability to respond immediately to any request from different distribution channels, including end customers which may be one or thousands; seasonality management; the ability to respond to increasingly steep sales spikes; among others factors, make the operation of the new distribution centers a real challenge for those responsible of logistics areas who, without the optimal technologies for orders’ reception, filling, management and distribution, can be involved in great difficulties.

Solutions Good to Person, robots, Self-Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Pick to Light, Pick to Voice, among others, can together or separately, depending on the nature of the operation, be of great help for its comprehensive management.

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