Auto Parts

Auto Parts


The required standards, the low profit margins and the automotive industry financial conditions are essential factors; regardless of the type of auto part supplied. This implies a major operational challenge with quality and productivity as fundamental parameters. It is essential for the auto parts industry to introduce totally reliable and efficient processes.

Technologies such as Automated Storage (AS/RS), vertical and horizontal carousels, shuttles, Miniloads, conveyors, controls and software are some of the auto part industry solutions that we build as integral solutions.

The loss or confusion of products, especially critical and costly ones, assortment errors like not knowing where the products are at to fulfill orders, not tracking, not having traceability; these are some of the problems that, along with an increasingly fragmented demand, can cause setbacks in your business.

A thorough analysis of your particular problems, world-leading technologies, more controls and our own software are the tools what we need to create solutions that will finally have a rapid return on investment; in addition to instantly allowing inventories to be optimal and to ensure an assortment without errors and reducing occupied areas by up to 60%, they also allow a tracked operation and greatly increases your operational capacity and much more; which, finally, allow you to be more profitable and above all, make you gain more customers and a better reputation in the market.

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