For G.I.Eicom* a fully-chain distribution center that operates as a highly integrated and competitive facility is an everyday activity, as well as order selection processes; batch classification, temporary storage or information tracking.

Thanks to a detail engineering analysis and the combination of the best world-class technologies available, such as our software suites and sophisticated solutions, it is possible to obtain an advantage within a great operational challenge.

G.I.Eicom* has developed and implemented hundreds of successful solutions that keep you informed in real time, guaranteeing precision in the assortment, information visibility, inventory tracking, operation institutionalization, high productivity, on-time deliveries, increased capacity and, above all, an overall business certainty, quick return on investment, more satisfied customers and higher profitability.

Combining cutting-edge technologies with innovative concepts, it is possible to face the most demanding challenges. Whether using A-frame; Pick-Put to light; Pick-Put to Voice; Automated Storage (AS/RS); warehouse management and operation software (WMS-WCS), G.I.Eicom* experts are here to help you find the most convenient system tailored to your needs.

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