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In this industry, the clients’ speed demands along with a high flow of products coming from hundreds of places and directed to hundreds of destinations, require high-speed systems and precision that includes real-time information.

Among the solutions that G.I.Eicom* has implemented with unbeatable results are DWS systems (dimensioning, weight, scanning), conveyor and sortation systems,, which provide the speed and precision that customers demand; since the control software needs a simple interconnection to your integral system, providing the traceability required.

Within courier and parcel industry, products are very different from each other and do not have regular shapes or smooth and rigid bottoms, they can be very light or very heavy. This is the reason why experience managing this type of operation, equipment and technologies is crucial. With dozens of applications in packaging, G.I.Eicom*, is able to solve any need regardless of the size, shape, weight or flow; you only need to contact one of our experts for developing the optimal solution to your needs.

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