Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage


The growing increase in types of products coupled with the particular demands of consumers, as well as the difficulty in supplying raw materials, poses new challenges in food and beverage industry.

To successfully face the problems that your company has, such as large flows, expirations dates, preparation, classification and shipping of orders, it is necessary to analyze the operation in detail in order to determine bottlenecks, losses due to mistreatment of products or inventory obsolescence, delivery problems, lack of control, tracking of production batches, and more.

At G.I.Eicom*, we have successfully developed hundreds of solutions for your industry; by means of a thorough analysis of your operation, the use of world-leading technologies and the provision of controls and software suites, which in addition to solving your problems, will generate strong competitive advantages, such as higher productivity, less loss, greater capacity for supply demand, control of your operating variables, among others benefits

Whether conveying systems, automatically guided vehicles (AGV´s), sorters, Automated Storage (AS/RS) diverters, palletizers or other solutions, , are combined with our great expertise, engineering and controls to make your project an investment reliable, versatile and highly profitable fast return (ROI).

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