Personal Care

Personal Care


The personal care industry involves high volume production of different products and presentations that has to be operated under demanding corporate standards, given that the impact on the market is very sensitive to supply and quality problems. Products from process machines have to be evacuated quickly and delicately, as well as packed with quality, and transferred to the warehouse or distribution center. Such management requires experience and reliable long-lasting equipment, which only stop during minimum preventive maintenance.

It is necessary to have robust systems in mechanical, electrical and control parts, as well as in software for systematizing high flows that are usually managed under strict corporate standards, in order to avoid losses due to mishandling or damage to the packaging and having a non-stop production.

This industry commonly involves the use of conveyor systems, elevators, convergences, sorters, robots, Automated Storage (AS/RS), self-guided vehicles (AGV’s), monitoring systems and specialized software.

The most important thing for us is to create, implement and support the solutions we develop; therefore, we encompass the best world-class technologies. From conveyors and automated warehouses to robots with the best engineering concepts, software and a unique local support department capable of guaranteeing your operation 24/7 all year long. We guarantee that our systems offer the best benefit/cost ratio.

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