Shuttle Rack AS/RS

The market requirements are increasingly demanding in both the variety of products and high rates, in addition to requiring custom deliveries, including small batches and same-day deliveries; it is here where the multiple shuttles systems (Shuttle Rack M) offer you great advantages.

This system is made up of small carts that move along racks, allowing containers and boxes to be picked up and dropped off quickly and selectively; Thus, it becomes a machine that supplies orders with extraordinary efficiency and effectiveness by updating inventories and tracking processed orders permanently.

The multiple shuttles system (Shuttle Rack M) can handle orders to fill boxes or can be used for item picking where it has a very high productivity thanks to its concept of bringing products to the operators which avoids human displacements that add time and strong inefficiencies.

We have implemented these applications in different areas, like buffer before shipment or before robotic palletizing, high-capacity order fulfillment system for e-commerce.

Since the system requires a detailed analysis, it is important to perform a study in order to implement this type of technology. Our trained consultants will advise you on the different disciplines required to successfully implement the multiple shuttles system for helping your supply chain and becoming a fundamental part of your strategy.

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